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Yaw Agyapong is currently working on his first feature narrative film and it's a thriller. Mr. Agyapong joined forces with Ella B. Lynn and Devon MCcarthy to write this film. The film is set to begin August 2018 and  set to be released in 2019. Pictures and videos will be frequently uploaded to keep you all intune. Everything from the table reads to the Make up will be posted. We want to keep you all informed and intend do so every step of the way. Click the button below to learn more. 



Traveling around the world and doing what you love is even better than it sounds when your actually doing it. Yaw is currently working on his first feature documentary and it's about global health. This documentary will highlight the work certain physicians do overseas to help those in need. It will show the ins and outs of global health and why it's so imperative in the field of medicine. Head over to the documentary page by clicking the button below.