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Yaw Agyapong is a Ghanian-American film director born and raised in New York. The 28 year old director is currently working on his first feature film called " The Birth Of Deceit".  To learn more about the director hit the button below. 


Feature Films



The Birth Of deceit


The first feature film is on it's way ! Agyapong films is proud to announce that they are currently working on their first feature film. Yaw wrote this script along with his co-writer Ella B.Lynn and his assistant writer Devon McCarthy . This film is going to completely blow you're socks off when you watch it, so make sure you don't wear socks! The following is the synopsis the film:

 When a young woman visits the home town her mother passed away in, a lot of secrets start to unravel about her mothers death that will endanger and change her life forever. 

Production for this film is set for August of 2018. Yaw said he feels this film is Oscar award winning already just based on the script. With a huge statement like that and knowing Yaw's work ethic, this is a must watch. If you'd like to learn more about this film click the button below. 




Feature Documentary

Global Health


Apart from feature films and narrative work, Mr. Agyapong also does documentaries. He's currently working on a global health documentary where he travels globally to document physicians and medical staff helping those in need. The Family Medicine Department of the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine has been involved in global health education for students, residents and faculty for many years. Their curriculum involves longitudinal experiences in various countries, addressing the needs of local communities via medical education, clinical care and research. Recently, they partnered with the Dr. Almanzar Foundation, which provides annual medical trips to the Dominican Republic. This collaboration incorporated the experience of working with a multi specialty interdisciplinary team that provided a concentrated effort over various undeserved regions. In October 2016, they provided care for 6000 patients in 3 days. This film below gives a brief overview. If you'd like to gain more information about this documentary click the button below. 


Short films



The 4th day


This film was Yaw Agyapong's last and final short film. He made over 15 short films and he announced shortly before the production of this film that this would be his final short film. He went on to say  that he feels it's time for him to start making feature length films. Here is the synopsis for "The 4th Day", A woman with the gift to see and communicate with the spirit world is also blessed with the ability to raise the dead. However, she is only given 4 days to perform the miracles and must be ready to face other forces that want the dead to remain as so.

This is a thriller that'll have you wired to the screen until the end. CLICK PLAY and watch the film in glorious 4k. 





Innate by far was Yaw's biggest short film. The company put so much time and effort into this short to make sure every scene and action hit like a storm. This  is not your typical short film. It's very relatable but still allows the viewer to use his/her imagination.  If we had the ability to rewind time we would desire to right all the wrongs of our past.  The film "Innate", illustrates a young man's natural ability to time time travel. After losing a loved one, the protagonist is determined to exercise his new found natural abilities against dark forces. CLICK PLAY and become a the story unfold. Hit the button below to view more short films created by Yaw Agyapong. 


Music videos


Pop Music Video



Pop and RnB music videos is something Yaw always wanted to shoot. He was given the chance when new uprising singer, Phil Loft offered Yaw the oppurtunity to shoot his first music video called " Adore". Phil Loft is a singer with an immaculent voice and it won't be long until he's a household name. Phil Loft had his two other songs called "Stronger" and "Brave'" featured in Yaw's short film called " Vindictive". This music video is about simply adoring the person you are with or interested in. Have you ever been in a happy and pleasant relationship or desired to be with someone you adored so much? If so you'll completely relate and understand what Phil Loft is singing about in his hit song "Adore" CLICK PLAY and let the song and video take you away. 



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Jeremiah Manigat

Before the film director was born the Photographer existed. Yaw started this journey taking pictures with his DSLR camera. He fell in love with photography before film. He walked around his town taking pictures of everything he could capture; From railroads to sunsets, he captured it all. Today he still takes pictures when he gets the time to but the huge difference is his skills improved tremendously. All pictures on this site were taken by Yaw including the modelesque picture above. Head over to Yaw's Gallery and take a look at his photography. You may even want  use some of his pictures as your screen saver; yes their that beautiful. 



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